The Bible and Literature: a Personal View by Northrop Frye - Program 10 "Leviathan, Dragons and the Anti-Christ"

There are three major demons in the Bible. The first is the Leviathan, a great sea monster which represents the world of time and space. The second is the dragon representing evil. The third is the anti-Christ which is any heathen god or ruler who attributes divinity to himself. Contains material from Lecture 7 (Part 2)

Bill Somerville
Technical Director: 
Ted Glickman
Conceived and Produced by: 
Robert Sandler
Executive Producer: 
Bob Rodgers
Gerard Beckers, Chris Rodgers
Richard Cable
Don Elsliger
Keith Springer
Graphic Design: 
Ken Fong
Production Assistants: 
Anne Riemer Hart
Production Assistants: 
Frances Handleman
Assistant to Northrop Frye: 
Jane Widdicombe