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The benefactors of the University of Toronto after the great fire of 14th February, 1890
Torontonensis Vol. 6:
Address at the convocation of the University of Toronto, June 10th, 1892:
Torontonensis Vol. 5:
Speeches delivered in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario by the Hon. Geo. W. Ross, Minister of Education: on moving the...
McCaul, Croft, Forneri: Personalities of early university days
Celebrating 40 Years of History at the University of Toronto Mississauga
Torontonensis, 1899 (Vol. 2)
From Barley Field to Academe
A review of the founding and development of the University of Toronto as a provincial institution
Proceedings at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone, April 23, 1842, and at the opening of the university, June 8...
Defence of the plan of university reform proposed by the Senate of the University of Toronto: being a statement drawn up...
Order of proceedings at the presentation to the University, of Hart House, by the Massey Foundation: and the formal open...
Torontonensis Vol. 7
The functions of a great university: Inaugural address delivered on November 16th, 1894
Torontonensis Vol. 4
Evolution of the heart: a history of the University of Toronto Library up to 1981
Hart House, University of Toronto:
The University of Toronto Song Book
Torontonensis, 1900 (Vol. 3)