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Chalmers's Shakspeare
Cartoon of President Claude Bissell
University of Toronto Scarborough Library
Torontonensis Vol. 6:
Address at the convocation of the University of Toronto, June 10th, 1892:
Torontonensis Vol. 5:
Letter to D.M. Knight from A.F.W. Plumptre
Heritage U of T Books
"Goodbye" - 1952 on retirement - Director Emeritus of Nursing leaving for England
A Death Greatly Exaggerated - Canada's Thriving Small and Fine Press Exhibit
Heritage Uof T Videos
UTSC Archives Legacy Collection - Documents
Robert Lansdale fonds
From Barley Field to Academe
Heritage U of T
Hart House, University of Toronto:
U of T Mississauga
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
U of T Archives